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Pastor Mark Biltz is the founder of El Shaddai Ministries, a  Hebrew roots 
congregation in Washington State.

A personal note from Mark:  Our last name was not always Biltz. My
ancestor was Isaac Hirsch and his son Benjamin was born March 25th
1785 in Mutzig.  Due to Jewish persecution in Germany and the Nether-
lands they settled in France around Alsace Lorraine.

He changed his name to Naphtali Biltz and his son’s name to Bernard

Bernard married Rose Rachel Levi and had a boy named Jacob Biltz born June 30th 1820 in the town of
Badenviller. Jacob married Janette Simon and had a son named Georges Julian Biltz born in 1843 in Paris.
Aug 22nd 1882.

Georges decided he would rather be rich and ran off to America with another lady who was Catholic,
named Octavia Augustine Danjou. They had my grandpa, Sylvan Biltz, as well as other children. Georges
then said, “Forget this I’m going back to Europe and live with my son over there.” Most of the Biltz family
in Europe lost everything in World War II. (Jean) Andre was a Lieutenant Colonel in the French Air Force
and his wife died in Auschwitz. Over here, Sylvan, my grandpa was raised Catholic and raised my father,
Harry Biltz as a Catholic.

Raised in Wichita, Kansas as a Roman Catholic, he had a change in his spiritual pursuits when attending Kansas
Newman College in Wichita in 1975 at the age of 19. A childhood friend gave him a better understanding of the
God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that changed his life. He left the Roman Catholic Church at that time and
joined a youth organization called the Agape Force.

Attending the discipleship-training institute he was able to focus full time for a couple of years strictly on the Bible
and full time street evangelism. His teachers were Leonard Ravenhill, David Wilkerson, Winkie Pratney, amongst
others. Returning to Kansas, Mark went to a local bible college at the congregation he was attending.  Here he
met his wife Vicki, who also attended the Bible College. They have been married since 1977 and have 2 sons. It
was at that time Mark taught several courses in the Bible College. One of the focuses was on Hebrew Roots and
the Feast Days of Israel.

Moving to Washington State in 1987 he was an associate to his former Pastor. Mark later moved on to another
local congregation where he was an elder/administrator/teacher for South King County Bible College.  After a
new pastor took over his responsibilities he felt a real need to refocus on Hebrew Roots and to get back to an
original understanding of the context and culture in order to have a correct understanding of the Bible. His wife
Vicki bought him a book by a Jewish Rabbi named Moshe Braun called The Jewish Holy Days -  Their Spiritual
Significance. The depth of the material made him realize that Christians were missing so much by seeing them-
selves as cut off from the Jewish mindset and culture.

Fueled now by his passion for studies of literature written from a Jewish mindset he was humbled by the grace,
wisdom and insight that poured forth. Realizing the Jews loved the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob he saw that
they had been studying and mining the Tanakh for millennia looking for nuggets.  Along with a handful of faithful
believers, El Shaddai Ministries began 7 years ago to educate Christians from all different denominations on how
anti-Semitism and replacement theology has crippled our understanding of God and the covenants He has made
with His people – the Jews.

He has been interviewed by FOX television, has appeared on the broadcast and cover of Prophecy in the News
and has been interviewed by several radio stations across the United States and Canada. He is a well-known and
popular commentator on the Feasts of the Lord and has produced a series of DVD’s on the Feasts that have
gone around the world. He has revealed a link between charts of solar and lunar eclipses from NASA’s website
with Israel’s history, the Biblical feast days, and signs in the heavens drawing clear similarities between them, lining
up through history.   He’s spoken at congregations & meetings around the US and is a frequent visitor to Israel.
His website,, averages over one million hits every month from over 40 nations around
the world.

                                            Just follow the master 


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