Hal Lindsey




Hal Lindsey is a giant in the world of Bible Prophecy. During the early eighties, the New York Times hailed Hal Lindsey with the honorable title "The Jeremiah of Today". The New York Times also accredited Lindsey with being the best-selling non-fiction author in the world during the1970's, after reporting only half of the books he had actually sold. He has also been called the father of modern-day Bible prophecy and remains one of the most well-known names in prophecy.

Hal Lindsey was born again, in 1955, when he was reading a Gideon's Bible while serving as a tugboat captain on the Mississippi River. He dove into the Word, earnestly studying the Bible, with guidance from Rev. Robert Thieme, from 1955 to 1960. He also completed the four year Master of Theology course at Dallas Theological Seminary with a major in New Testament Greek and a minor in Hebrew.

As a seminary student and until 1969, Hal worked with Campus Crusade for Christ. Then, in 1969, Hal helped organize a Bible School next to UCLA named "The JC Light and Power Company", which trained many ministers and missionaries. This school continued until 1976.



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