Martin and Nathalie Blackham's Ministry is engaged in bringing the End Time Prophetic Word of God to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible.

Their vision is that the Body of Christ may understand the urgency of the Prophetic Hour that we are living in, ie. the End Times, that Believers may be awake and alert to the signs in the Earth, the outworking of Matthew 24 and 25, that Christians comprehend the Importance of Israel, God's Prophetic Time Clock in the End Times and have an Hebraic Understanding of the Bible.


                 These are friends of mine who have just moved to Israel

                      they have a real heart for endtimes prophecy and

                         keeping the body of Christ updated with whats

                             happening in the world today and helping

                                  us to understand our Jewish roots





                                               Just follow the master 


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