J.R. Hall and J.R Lawendowski


This ministry is dedicated to the study and teaching of the events surrounding the end times.  The only requirement of Berean Watchmen Ministries is that you have a desire to learn and walk the narrow and difficult path of Matthew 7:13 and you desire to become a better disciple of Christ in the world we live in.   

In all this we realize that indeed these are perilous times ( 2 Timothy 3-1 ) and this may indeed be the time leading up to the End of Days.   Keep looking up    for the return of our Lord!  Maranatha!






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Jeremy is Executive Director of Berean Watchmen Ministries. A consulting Electrical Engineer by trade, Jeremy's science, logic and critical thinking background is well reflected in his writings, lectures and leadership at Berean Watchmen. Jeremy is actively involved in the international ministry through lectures, contributing articles and commentaries relating to bible prophecy and Christian living in these later days.






                                            J.R. Lawendowski

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Joe is Founding Director of Berean Watchmen Ministries. Joe, a US Army Major, was once stationed in Iraq where he was located near the ancient city of Babylon. This first hand experience gives Joe and interesting and refreshing perspective on end times events. surrounding Revelation 17 & 18.   Joe is a qualified speaker and lecturer with a broad knowledge of the biblical eschatology and biblical apologetics.   Joe has authored many of the articles, multimedia and studies published by Berean Watchmen Ministries.


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